tiistai 9. maaliskuuta 2010


We have been able to enjoy daily walks again, as temperature is more tolerable. Doggies don't really jump with joy when we are leaving the house, but once we are moving fast enough to keep them warm they look happy. As a result they behave much better at home, no crazy barking and on the edge moments.

I have been watching an English TV series "It's me or the dog". There has been many good episodes, and I like the way they are using positive reinforcement in training, both for dogs and their owners. In one of the episodes there was a family with a baby, two young labradors, and one old dog. For two months they hadn't taken the young dogs for a walk, and the dogs were not allowed to spend time in the backyard either due to constant barking. The worse the dogs behaved, the less possibilities to use their energy was offered. It was so sad to see how the owners didn't understand the root cause for their problems.

Back to nicer topics. I trialed with Neeo on Saturday in Hyvinkää. Mika Moilanen was judging and he had designed two really nice agility courses. Challenging enough, but having more speedy parts than tight turns. They were perfect for Neeo and both of us had great time. We were #1. Ok, not in results, but in starting line :) I haven't been the first one to go to the ring for a long time, and it caused some extra stress to walk the course and then run to get the dog, as there was no break between. Good experience and training for me. Unfortunately I made mistakes in both runs resulting in disqualification. Good dog, shame about the handler! Between the runs Neeo kept himself warm and active by greeting a whippet lady and all possible people that showed even a smallest piece of interest towards him.