sunnuntai 20. kesäkuuta 2010

tiistai 15. kesäkuuta 2010

We love to run!

Afterwards we love to sleep...

perjantai 11. kesäkuuta 2010

Kumma 11 weeks

Today the little teddy bear is 11 weeks old. He weights 7.0kg, only slightly less than Hoppu and Neeo.

I found an excellent series in 2007 Clean Run, Spy Kids written by Nancy Gyes. Some new skills to be added to our training plan, like a release. This week we have practised:
  • Down
  • Sit
  • Walking on leash
  • Being alone
  • Balance work
  • Recall
  • Crate games
  • Hand target
  • Nail cutting
Kumma has a lovely character, he is really open and easygoing. He is learning fast, and now when we have used clicker training for several skills, he is starting to offer behaviours more and being more active. He has good play drive and likes tugging. Retrieving is something we should practise more to be able to use a toy as a target in training.

On Sunday we will meet Kumma's siblings. It will be great to see how others have developed.

Kumma 10 weeks

Kumma is now 10 weeks old, weight 6.3kg, height smaller than his big brother's (38cm).

We made a weekend trip to Pori. Travelling by car went nicely, it was quiet in the hurricane section of the car. Living in an apartment house with the puppy was a bit challenging. It offered plenty of opportunities for going up and down in a lift.

Yesterday Neeo and Kumma were running wildly around the garden. It was such a fun to look at them! Neeo is Kumma's best friend, not sure if it is the other way around :)

New skill in our training plan: down. A BC offers a down so much easier than an IG. For an IG it is important that a surface is soft and warm enough. And even then it is challenging to get them in real down with elbows touching the floor. It was a big relieve for us that at agility trials going down on the table was not requested!

torstai 3. kesäkuuta 2010

Stadi Games

Stadi Games is one of my favourite agility trials. I've participated many times with Neeo, and also worked there as our club HAU is one of the organizers. The atmosphere is very special. I remember how last year it was very hot, and I tried to hide in the share with Neeo before entering the ring. I had a great feeling before the run, and our run was fantastic. Pure agility euphoria! This year I will miss Stadi Games, but hopefully next year I can be there again. And perhaps trialing with Kumma the year after?

Today we had a lovely walk in the woods. My son was leading the team, the three hurricanes following him, and I tried to keep up the pace. Kumma is often staying in front of Hoppu and Neeo, stopping and staring there, I suppose it's combination of playing and herding. Hoppu and Neeo have solved "the problem" by accelerating, and running past Kumma with full speed. It is fun to see how behaviours of a sheepdog and two sighthounds are so different, and how they are trying to understand each other.

Neeo and Kumma are playing together daily. Kumma is the one initiating the play, and could continue forever. The noisy play is including running and wrestling, and it lasts until Neeo loses his nerves, and shows Kumma his place. Hoppu the policeman is trying to keep the misbehaving kids in order by barking. It hasn't been silent in our family earlier, but now we have even more action... Well, it was expected. Fortunately it is summertime, and the garden offers more action space. I've only lost a couple of tulips so far :)