perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2011

Year end

Mild winter weather is appreciated by Hoppu and Neeo. Kumma doesn't really care, he is a real weather proof pal, always ready to go. Today we had a nice long walk, and a short training session with Kumma after that. Some tight turns and flips with two jumps in the garden, in one small not so muddy and wet spot. Another training session in the evening, tricks and games inside.

Highlight of the week for Kumma was two days ago when after some agility training he got a possibility to run free with all his brothers and other relatives. He was so happy! In training we did a start of a course set up by Mia, 8 obstacles total. Third one was a tire, after two jumps. There was a slight turn after the jumps, and it took some repetitions before we managed to get it working. Kumma is not yet fully confident with the tire, and it was good to see how he still managed it with a slightly harder entry angle. After the tire a closed tunnel, no problem there, Kumma loves it. But life after the closed tunnel is something we haven't really practised. There was a tight turn after, I was late and not focused, Kumma shot out of the tunnel straight looking for a toy. Something to add to our training list. I was pleased with a dogwalk, good up and down contacts. A double jump next, there I made a mistake of releasing Kumma before checking that he is focused on a jump, not on me. 2nd bar was dropped.

There has been nice progress with many agility details during past weeks, and I'm thinking of entering Kumma in his first trial at the end of January. That would be a jumping class, as we need more time with contacts. We are far from ready, if ready means perfect, but there are several reasons why I don't want to delay starting trialing too much. One is that I've had a long break, and I want to be there again :) But also I want to see how Kumma will behave in a trial atmosphere and environment, and start preparing him to trialing conditions rather sooner than later. We are ready enough!