keskiviikko 14. huhtikuuta 2010

Real spring

At last we have a real spring! Majority of snow has melted on the backyard, and doggies can enjoy bigger world there. Today they parked next to the fence, in a dry spot to catch warming rays of sun. They looked so happy.

tiistai 6. huhtikuuta 2010

109 runs

I've made a decision to stop trialing with Neeo, at the age of 10 and a half years. I can't take a risk that he would hurt himself in competition. Even if Neeo is in excellent condition for his age, his reactions are not as sharp as earlier, and physical strenght has decreased.

Here is a summary of our agility career
  • Agility training started in 2001 while we were staying in California. Thank you Garril for giving excellent start for us!
  • In 2002 we joined HAU, Helsingin Agilityurheilijat. It is still our club and we have enjoyed many many motivating classes there :)
  • 9 trials in 2003. Certificate to 2nd level in September 2003.
  • 27 trials in 2004.
  • 18 trials in 2005.
  • 8 trials in 2006. Neeo's toe was injured and it took 6 months to recover.
  • No trialing in 2007, as we lived in the UK. We had an opportunity to join Sunniday Agility Club classes, and were very pleased with UK training experience.
  • 18 trials in 2008. Certificate to 3rd level in May 2008.
  • 23 trials in 2009.
  • 6 trials in 2010.
  • Total 109 official agility runs with Neeo.
  • My dream come true: I was able to take Neeo to the 3rd level, as a 1st Italian Greyhound in Finland.
  • The most embarrasing moment: only some minutes before it was our turn to go to the ring, I managed to lock dogs, car keys, and my phone inside the car. Excuse me, we will not run today, my dog is not available... Well, I learned something, and haven't repeated this. So far.

Life of the hurricanes in 2001

Last but not least

There is a chance that a third hurricane will join our family in May!