maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Record keeping

Training record keeping is recommended by many people. Many years ago I participated in excellent online clicker training course that required very detailed level record keeping. It was manageable for a limited period of time, but not for everyday life. With Hoppu and Neeo I have had a weekly level training plan during our active training seasons, and short records of what we have actually done. Very simply, but helps to remember what to train and when. I'm having a similar approach now with Kumma, listing weekly training topics, and keeping a simple training diary.

On Saturday we had a super socializing day for Kumma. In the morning we visited a pet supply store. Lots of people petting our teddy bear. By coincidence there was an IG puppy, born on the same day as Kumma. He was not impressed by Kumma's playing suggestions... In the afternoon we went to a local family sports happening. Screaming and running children, loudspeaker, balloons, other dogs, this and that. In the evening we had guests, more children and more noise. Late evening was very silent, the little puppy was tired.

Kumma weight at 9 weeks of age is 5.8kg.

torstai 27. toukokuuta 2010

Click click

I've had several short training sessions with Kumma each day. Also some with Hoppu and Neeo, and of course they are getting goodies as well when we are practising recall during our walks.

Crate games has been a lot of fun. Now Kumma is pretty well waiting for release, and also going back to the crate right away, as that's where the treats come.

There are some details in training that I want to do differently compared to what I've done with Hoppu and Neeo. But it is surprisingly difficult! Some behaviours are so strongly in my mind, that I have to think hard what to do. Someone should train me to change my habits!

Yesterday Neeo ja Kumma played together for a long time. Boys are starting to be more relaxed together, but there are still moments when I need to calm them down by putting someone to the crate. Especially when the children are running wildly around, and Hoppu the policeman is trying to put everything in order.

On Saturday there is a family sports happening nearby, we plan to go there. I should also think of other places where we could visit during coming weeks, just to introduce new places, people and other things to the puppy. Travelling by car is going well, and next week we'll have our first longer trip with the whole family.

sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

Run run run

Weather is slightly cooler and the little guy is full of energy. Today I had a nice walk in the woods with the dogs. Kumma was following Neeo at amazing speed. IGs have a build in belief that they can fly. Neeo showed this in one downhill location, doing a long jump off the stone step. Guess who followed him with short little legs? Kumma of course, doing an earth touch with his nose. One second of recovering, and off he went again.

I need to rethink what to do when we have visitors. Hoppu and Neeo are rather bad behaving ones, and I don't want Kumma to copy that. The most irritating behaviour is Hoppu's barking, that is sometimes joined by Neeo's singing. Not to mention jumping, but this is something I've never tought the IGs not to do. So how to teach a puppy to behave nicely when the two old ones are nuts?

lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

Little part time monster

Today the doggies were pretty nicely together, relaxed and well behaving. Until in the evening the little monster in Kumma took over and focused on his older brothers. Playwithmeplaywithmeplaywithme! No agreement with older brothers.

Kumma was 5.1kg today at the age of 8 weeks and 1 day. At 7 weeks of age he weighed 4.4kg. Yesterday we run out of starter kibbles and switched to junior ones. First nail cutting practises have been done, easy boy to handle. Neeo had a tick today. I haven't used any tick preventing products with IGs, as it is so easy to check them due to short hair. I should check what is available, as Kumma might need it.

Other activities we have done:
  • First attempts of hand target with Kumma. He made it right several times in the beginning, but then slowed down and didn't clearly get the idea yet.
  • Some jumping with Hoppu and Neeo. Neeo was so great and motivated! Hoppu did well too, but I can only take one low jump with him, as he is not able to estimate distances with one working eye.
  • With Kumma: eye contact, name game, sit, recall, some walking on leash.
  • Crate games with all three. It was fun to see how Kumma started to understand that when the door opens, only by patient waiting it is possible to get the treat. This is something that I want to do as well as possible, it will be helpful in many everyday situations.
We had some visitors today, and more tomorrow, coming to see our puppy boy of course.

torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Walking with three

Today I took all doggies for a walk in the woods. Kumma was full of energy and was happily exploring around. His movement is getting more fluent day by day. All three were enjoying a perfect summer weather. It is such a fun to follow their running and jumping.

Yesterday we made a visit to Purina Areena, our agility club's facility. Kumma met a BC girl of almost the same age, and had a nice playing session.

At home Kumma is trying his limits with Hoppu and Neeo. Response from IGs has been immediate and clear, but the puppy boy is not backing up at once. Is it due to age or character? To be seen... But I do understand my thin skin IGs, puppy teeth are not a nice experience.

tiistai 18. toukokuuta 2010

maanantai 17. toukokuuta 2010

Hot hot hot

Amazing hot weather. Hoppu and Neeo are enjoying it, Kumma is looking for shady cool places. I need to learn to carry water for Kumma if we go somewhere. Is there a story behind Kumma's name? Not really a story, but a song. I've always liked a Finnish children's song "Ihme ja kumma".

Yesterday we visited a match show with Kumma. He was on leash for the first time, quite ok with it. Some playing and cookies, watching other dogs from distance.

Kumma has also done other things:
  • Eye contact
  • Name game
  • Sitting
  • Recalls
  • Playing and tugging
  • Visiting a garden centre
  • Eating with excellent appetite
  • Teasing the little hurricanes. Neeo takes it rather well, Hoppu does not have any sense of humour and he shows it sharply.
  • Trying to steel Hoppu's food, Hoppu made it very clear that it is not accepted...
  • Learning to be alone for short periods of time
  • Riding a car
A new car crate arrived today. Now we should be able to pack everybody in the car. It is a must to travel lightly as there is not much room for luggage.

lauantai 15. toukokuuta 2010

New world

We spent the whole day at home, most of it in the garden. Kumma, the little teddy bear, is getting to know his new world:
  • Lots of noises: screaming, laughing, shouting, whispering
  • Interesting smells from composts, some tasting as well
  • Nice shady spot next to decking area
  • Jumping on and off the deck
  • Fun to run in the play tunnel
  • Clicker + treat
  • Crate + lots of treats
  • Peeing outside - and inside
  • Trying to play with new friends
  • Playing with new toys
  • First good tug game
  • First steps in the career of a gardening assistant. Tasting tulips is not appreciated.
It is amazing to follow this little guy. He has been rather calm, partly because of hot weather. In the evening he got suddenly an energy peak running wildly around.

Neeo is trying to play with Kumma, and being very nicely with him. Hoppu can't quite understand the strange thing with sharp teeth.

Tomorrow we plan to visit a match show nearby.

perjantai 14. toukokuuta 2010


Kumma has arrived!

keskiviikko 12. toukokuuta 2010

Perfect fit

Now it is confirmed, our puppy boy is chosen. He has successfully passed mental and physical testing, and should be a perfect fit for our family. Perhaps some training is needed as well. I will pick him up on Friday, together with a thick manual. I'm sure I will be grateful for the manual many times, can't quite remember all practical details about canine babies.

Today summer weather arrived. Happy hurricanes had to look for shade after trying to catch all possible heat energy at once.

Hoppu was very unconfortable in the evening, probably he ate something not so good in the garden. Hope he is better tomorrow. It is strange to see Hoppu unwell, he is extremely rarely sick.

maanantai 3. toukokuuta 2010

Happy days

It is really strange not to have any agility classes or trials planned. "Only" daily walks and small fun training sessions every now and then. This week I will get our small selection of agility obstacles out of the shed, and start garden agility with my hurricanes. Children might join as well, high level distraction training for free!

Life is likely to change next week. Yesterday I made a special visit with Neeo and met a sixpack. Puppies were five weeks old, running and exploring the world. Neeo couldn't believe his eyes at first, here and there and everywhere those funny little ones. One of the boys should join our family next week, but it is still open which one it will be.

I should start practical preparations, like to think where he will sleep, travel in the car, and so on. Not to mention how to control clutter on the floor which might be dangerous for the puppy. Instead, I've been watching agility training DVDs. One of my new favourites is "Foundation training for agility" by Moe Strenfel. Wish I'd had it many years ago. It is amazing to think how little training material was available once I started with the hurricanes. On the other hand, that has forced me to think, try, and learn. Today so much training information is available, that it has to be a jungle for beginners in agility or any other dog sports. How to know which method to follow and how to do it in practise? Thanks to Hoppu and Neeo I know which is my way in this jungle.

Photos by our 5-year-old son, proud owner of real working camera.