tiistai 26. tammikuuta 2010

Winter limitations

Cold winter weather continues week after week. Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day, around -7C, and I was able to go for a walk with my hurricanes. Hoppu and Neeo clearly enjoyed, after spending one whole week inside. Today it's again really cold, -23C now in the evening, and not a change to go outside with IGs.

I don't remenber this kind of winter with Hoppu and Neeo. Doggies get frustrated and they are more easily on the edge with each other. I've tried to activate them inside. Children have hidden kibbles for them around the house. We've had many short clicker training sessions for more or less useful skills. It is always a lot of fun, and great to see how these veterans still enjoy training and are incredibly fast with their responses. I've trained skills like backing up, fetching a toy, jumping up on cue, and balancing on small box.

Every now and then we have a possibility to train agility in a heated inside facility. With Hoppu I do only fun and safe agility: tunnels and low jumps. Hoppu lost a vision from his right eye a year ago, and is not able to estimate distances the same way as before. What I think is amazing is weaving, he can still master a full set of weave poles. This proves how much muscle memory is used for weaving. Neeo is in good physical condition and able to do full courses. In training I use short speed drills and lots of playing. I have planned some more trials with Neeo this year, just to entertain us.

While waiting for a puppy to join the family, I've studied new training methods. Hoppu and Neeo are the lucky ones that I use for testing some of these methods in practise :)

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