keskiviikko 3. helmikuuta 2010

Agility trial - Hyvinkää

On Sunday there was an agility trial in Hyvinkää, two medium 3 agility courses. We came there directly from our weekend break, at last minute, and I was not sure how Neeo would perform after a high activity weekend. Kari Jalonen judged both courses, and they were really challenging ones. My handling skills were not smooth and timing was poor in many cases. Lack of practise, it's clear. Neeo on the other hand had good drive, and he clearly enjoyed the runs.

First run was disqualified. After a tight turn, Neeo flew into the tunnel which was not the correct choice. Not a bad run anyway, taking into account our level of training.

Second run was a better one. Only one fault, from A frame contact. But there were several moments of struggling due to my bad timing, and we lost time. We placed 13th out of 37.

I'm proud of my little black hurricane, who can still fly at the age of 10!

Neeo 9 months (year 2000)

Neeo 10 years (last summer)

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