lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2010

Clean run!

Today I was again proud and happy of Neeo, who made a clean run at an agility trial in Kirkkonummi (indoor sports facility). I liked the course, nice combination of fast parts and patterns requiring tighter handling. The run was not perfect, and we got some seconds of over time. But never mind, that is not important for us anymore. It was simply a joy to see how lightly and eagerly Neeo performed all obstacles, at his age.

Thank you, Neeo!

Weather is again more winterlike than needed. Temperature is -20C and snowstorm is forecasted. We'll stay inside tomorrow. At least it has been sunny and days are longer, there is little hope left that spring will come.

Sun lovers in 2002 when we lived in California

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oliko se Kalifornian aurinko erilainen kuin tämä kotimaan arska? ;)

  2. quu: olihan se erilainen, piti pakkasen poissa talvella :)