torstai 4. marraskuuta 2010

Ears and eyes

Hoppu in 2000

It is amusing how important ears are in the dog world. And this has nothing to do with hearing, the actual meaning of the ears. IG ears are supposed to be folded. Hoppu has versatile ears. In the show ring he carries them nicely folded and judges are pleased. But when there is something exciting, a toy, food, sounds, up they go, huge erect ears on top of a small elegant head. Neeo on the other hand has beautiful folded ears. But they are rather soft, and combined with Neeo's character, speed and overall hustle, his ears often end up being upside down. After one pair of too erect ears and one pair of too soft ones, Kumma places himself in the middle. He has cute floppy ears, and one of them is part time erect. Well, never mind about ear standards, all of my hurricanes are perfect just as they are.

Neeo the slim youngster in 2000

Kumma has an eye infection, and I'm trying to target eye drops into his eyes three times a day. Easier said than done. According to the vet this type of infection is a common puppy problem, first time for us though. 16.7kg at vet clinic, and 53cm measured at home.

Crate games with a doorbell is progressing very well. Today Kumma stayed in his crate when the doorbell rang and kids were playing noisily just next to him.

At puppy class we made jumping exercises, basic and acceleration grids. Lots of fun! I have something on video, but need to tackle technical problems before being able to release.

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  1. Tinolla oli myös silmätulehdus n. kuukausi takaperin. Meni hyvin ohi silmätippojen avulla ja antoi laittaa tippoja oikein nätisit :)

    Kumma on näköjään Tinoa vähäsen isompi. Tinon paino on siinä 15-15,5 kg ja korkeus n. 52-53 cm. Painoa voisi kyllä mielestäni olla vähän enempi, mutta kaikki energia käytetään juoksemiseen eikä massan rakentamiseen ;)