lauantai 30. lokakuuta 2010

Kumma 7 months

My puppy is 7 months, time is flying! He weights 16.5kg, need to check his height. Here is this week's training update.

2-on-2-off: we have practiced in three locations, at home with stairs, and at Purina and Sporttikoirahalli with a dogwalk ramp on the table. Kumma is offering 2o2o position really well, my position is still close to him or in front. I can move around, spin, jump, and Kumma is holding the position. Next I plan to change my position gradually, move up and down, as well as increase lateral distance. No cue yet, I haven't decided when I will introduce it.

Down: this basic behaviour has not been so successful this week, distractions are affecting performance. Will take a step back and reinforce in familiar environment with no distractions.

Recall: we are playing daily the games that are building value on recall. Kumma's recall is pretty strong, and works with many everyday distractions like people and other dogs. Does not work with major ones like squirrels and super interesting smells.

Cars: Kumma wants to chase cars... Especially if they are passing by very close. If I ask him to focus on me, he does that and ignores a car. If I let him walk on leash without focus on me, he may or may not jump towards cars.

Crate games: at home we have practised with a door bell as a distraction (and IGs barking). More sessions needed. Today I took the crate to Sporttikoirahalli, and did some basic training and Changed My Mind there. That was fun!

Jumping: set point exercise. I took this on video, and for my unexperienced eyes Kumma's jumping looked relaxed and good. A toy target is an excellent reward for him.

Tire: adding a cue.

Teeter: made some balance training with a puppy teeter, a board with a piece of plastic pipe on bottom. First time for Kumma, and he got surprised by a moving board. I let him stand in the middle, and rewarded any small steps to either direction. Very good and brave puppy! We've done different kinds of balance training at home, so he had some foundation.

Back up: first sessions yesterday. I love starting to train new behaviours, it is so much fun to observe a dog to figure out what is wanted from him. I reinforced any movement backwards, and very soon Kumma offered steps backwards. Good to continue from this. With this behaviour I noticed again how much easier it is to shape a BC compared to IGs. BC is moving slowly, one leg at a time, easy to catch and reward small movements. IGs are so much faster, thanks Hoppu and Neeo for teaching me to react fast :)

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  1. Mä voisin tuoda sulle Kumman äiskän ja mummon treenattavaksi... saisit treeniä nopeista reaktiosta ;-))