sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2011

Hoppu is blind

How ironic that in my last post I wrote about how both old IGs are in good condition. Now Hoppu doesn't see any more. It was only one week ago when I noticed his vision (with one eye, other one has been blind since end of 2008) is not normal anymore. It got worse everyday, and on Thursday both IGs had their eyes checked. Hoppu's diagnosis was exactly what I anticipated, due to vitreous degeneration a retina was detached (like in the other eye earlier).

Now we'll see how the grey hurricane learns to live without seeing the world around him. He moves inside and outside, but less than usual and gets sometimes confused. Today I took all three for a walk on leash, and Hoppu was moving happily and confidently.

It is hard to understand that Hoppu will never again run free and fast.

Good news is that even if Neeo also has vitreous degeneration in his eyes, he has no early signs of retina detachment. This disease is fairly common with IGs (and whippets), but rarely the end result is blindness.

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  1. Hoppu <3 Pitkää ja onnellista ikää rakkaalle herrasmiehelle vaikka vauhti hidastuisikin!