sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Jumping seminar

I spent a whole day at Vappu's jumping seminar. Familiar dogs and handlers, it was great to see how they had developmed since our Jan seminar. Different breeds, different jumping styles. Again I learnt a lot.

How about Kumma? Plenty of new challenges were introduced for him, and he managed them well. I'm proud of him! He thinks what and how to do. Vappu also commented that he is still unmature, and needs time to develop physically, but for his age and type (big strong bc) he does good work. He focused on his tasks really well even if he was starting to be tired mentally and physically.

New for Kumma:
  • Power grid (Nice!)
  • Steady 1 stride (1st try was difficult, one knocked pole and no good rhythm. 2nd try was great!)
  • Double jump (Over without hesitation!)
(Mistake in video, first jump after "Double jump" title is not a double, but a single jump of 40cm)

Uncle One was also at the seminar, he performed incredibly hard exercises with such speed and precision that it was just amazing.

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  1. Hieno video! Ja Hoppu parka, toivottavasti murtuma paranee hyvin! Säikähdin ihan kun luin :/