maanantai 25. lokakuuta 2010

Monday stories

Heard some strange noises last night, Kumma was vomiting. Some cleaning, and back to sleep. Shouldn't have given him anything to eat in the morning, easy to say now. He vomited some more. He has been drinking and playing, so I hope that he will be better tomorrow.

Kumma felt well enough to run around and around in the woods, and went to get some awful smelling thing on him. I had to wash him, trying to hold my breath .

Hoppu and Neeo had a vet check today, rabies and kennel couch vaccinations. Rabies is valid for three years, feels strange to think that this might have been their last one. Both should have their teeth cleaned soon. For Neeo the vet recommended an eye check. Hoppu weighted 7.4kg, Neeo 7.0kg.

Days are getting shorter, evenings are dark. Here is some sunshine, the little hurricanes 10 years ago :)

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