torstai 14. lokakuuta 2010

Training update

Two agility training sessions with Kumma this week, one was a puppy class and one on our own.
  • Tire: almost on the ground, just reinforcing going through, back and forth. Today we used for a first time a standard tire with a frame, and Kumma offered going between the frame and the tire. I just ignored and reinforced correct choice.
  • Table: first introduction. Reinforced jumping on the table and staying there, then releasing. Went really well. Need to think what would be the position on the table.
  • Closed tunnel: first introduction. Lifted the fabric a couple of times, then Kumma went through without any help. Some hesitation, fabric was rather heavy. Today 2nd intro with lighter fabric. Wow, he was great! No hesitation, full speed to the toy target.
  • Tunnels: different colours, shapes and distances.
  • Jumping: grid work. This was too much in the class, need to do it without distractions first. I have finally plastic pipes at home, only sawing needed...
  • 2-on-2-off: position training at home, with stairs and mini A-frame. No cue yet, only reinforcing the position.
  • Games, games, games!
Hoppu and Neeo are sensing the winter is coming. They are not eager to go outside. They try to hide under blankets, pretending not to notice leashes in my hand, Hoppu even ignoring cookies. Once I have pulled them outside (coats on for sure), and their muscles start to warm up, they survive. In fact they enjoy, though not admitting it to me :)

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