keskiviikko 20. lokakuuta 2010

Puppy agility and veteran fight

There were 6 puppies in the class yesterday. I started by playing with Kumma, asking for fast sits and downs in between. He focused nicely, but showed also interest in other puppies moving around us.

Tunnel: a U-shaped tunnel, starting from a sit as well as holding a collar and directly from play. All worked well.

Chute: supporting by lifting a fabric, just to make sure there is no hesitation and speed decrease. Next time I think it is not needed anymore. Could try food target with this one.

Tire: reinforcing going through, no cue. This was a puppy tire without a frame. Fast and 100% success rate. Next time could add the cue.

2-on-2-off: a dogwalk's ramp was placed on a low table. After some trying Kumma took 2o2o position and I reinforced and released. Repeated two times. I was very pleased to see that he offered the 2o2o position with this new equipment and with all distractions.

After the class Kumma played with the other puppies outside. Love to see him interacting with others, so far he has been very social with both small and big ones.

The IG veterans caused some headache today. Kumma teased Neeo in the garden. They run around and around, Neeo with his tail up and trying to show Kumma his place. Then Neeo came inside and did not allow Kumma to come further. Hoppu was close, and Neeo turned his attention to him. Hoppu didn't like that and there we had veterans fighting. I wanted to get Kumma in his crate and then went to separate the IGs. There was some bleeding, and I thought Neeo's eye was hurt. Once I got closer look, the eye looked ok, even if there was some blood under it. Didn't find anything, so hope it was just a small scratch. Hoppu and Neeo have done this a couple of times, only once we needed to visit the vet... Neutering them decreased tension, but as Neeo is a macho and Hoppu is not able to relax and leave it, there is always a possibility.

To relax myself, I took Kumma and Neeo, and we had a nice evening walk in rainy weather. Will separate the small hurricanes for the night (they share a big crate), just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow they will be again best of friends.

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